Facility Use Request

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For those who are regular attenders of Cornerstone (2-3x's per month), the deposit will be refunded if the building is returned to it's original condition and no janitorial services are required.
USER agrees to be responsible for any damages to the building and its contents during the period of use and agreed to clear the building of people after the allotted usage time expires. Use time is not to extend beyond 10:00 p.m. unless prior arrangements have been made.

USER agrees to use only the designated area(s) stated above; agrees to use only for purpose stated above; and agrees to abide by all local and state laws and ordinances in the use of the premises.

USER agrees to abide by the “USER Checklist Policies” attached.

USER shall indemnify CCC and hold CCC, its members, and staff harmless against any liability or loss incurred by CCC as a result, during the term of the building use agreement, of USER’s failure to perform any covenant required to be performed by USER hereunder, of an accident that may occur in or about the Cornerstone Community Church or parking lot, or of USER’s failure to comply with any government law or ordinance.

This contract is non-transferable.


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